About Us
At humanidev.tech, we want to develop technology solutions to enhance the impact of humanitarian and development efforts around the world.


Tim Molesworth (Founder and Director)

Tim has six years' experience working on conflict analysis, peacebuilding, social cohesion and human security in Iraq and Libya, as well as experience in managing community based organisations where he grew up in Melbourne, Australia.

While working in Iraq, Tim became frustrated with the difficulty of managing data and analyses regarding the situation in the country and linking that to practical decision making.

He taught himself to code and started developing a prototype version of OPSECA to help do his work more effectively.

Based on positive feedback about prototype from colleagues, Tim established humanidev.tech in 2016 to develop OPSECA further.

Company Details

Humanidev Tech Limited (Ireland)
Company Number: 579872
Coliemore House,
Coliemore Rd,
Dalkey, Co. Dublin,
Republic of Ireland